Created a pair: P3 (line P1/P2)
Archachatina rhodostoma
Created a pair: P4 (line P1/P2)
Archachatina marginata ovum albino body
Created a pair: P3 (line CB)
Megalobulimus oblongus
Created a pair: P5 (line P1/P2)
Archachatina marginata marginata
Created a pair: P4 (line P2)
Archachatina marginata grevillei
Created a pair: P9 (line P7/P8)
Achatina achatina achatina albino body
Created a pair: P3 (line P2/CB)
Achatina achatina achatina Ghana standard body
Created a pairP5 (line P1/P2)
Archachatina marginata ovum XXL standard body
Snail keeper The formed snail couples:
Pairs of land snails are registered in Polish Union of Exotic and Domestic Animals, which is confirmed by the controlled snail homebreeding.
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