Snails information section
Pairs of land snails are registered in Polish Union of Exotic and Domestic Animals, which is confirmed by the controlled snail homebreeding.
Snail keeper The formed snail couples:
Archachatina marginata ovum XXL standard body
Created a pairP5 (line P1/P2)
Achatina achatina achatina Ghana standard body
Created a pair: P3 (line P2/CB)
Achatina achatina achatina albino body
Created a pair: P9 (line P7/P8)
Archachatina marginata grevillei
Created a pair: P4 (line P2)
Archachatina marginata marginata
Created a pair: P5 (line P1/P2)
Megalobulimus oblongus
Created a pair: P3 (line CB)
Archachatina marginata ovum albino body
Created a pair: P4 (line P1/P2)
Archachatina rhodostoma
Created a pair: P3 (line P1/P2)