Cockroaches: Pseudoglomeris magnifica

nymph after molt 



female carries newborn on its abdomen

cockroach colony

adult male

adult male


   horizontal and vertical terrariums are suitable, the main thing is         the presence of a tightly closing lid. We prefer to use terrariums           having a lid that opens in the middle of the main terrarium.


   the terrarium should have a good ventilation, for this it is best 

   to use a special mesh, through which it will also be convenient 

   to spray the terrarium every other day.

Cockroaches colour:

   green at all stages (khaki)

Body change:

   only males (males have wings and fly) 

Adult size:

   3-5 cm


   viviparous insect species (female carries newborn on its                 abdomen)

Type of features:

   social and are kept in groups (colonies)

exoskeleton - skin, after molting

females and nymphs look similar,

and are different only by size

insect moves easily on any surface by means of suction cups on its legs.

Temperature and humidity: 

   recommended temperature in the terrarium is 23-27 ° C. It is better to maintain one side of the terrarium in a drier state, and the other 

in a wetter one. 

Terrarium arrangement:

  As terrarium soil use coconut substrate, neutralized peat, add oak and birch leaves, dead wood. You can decorate terrarium with the terrarium plants e.g. Tradescantia. They inhabit high places of the terrarium, cracks in snags and bark, move easily on any surface, so take care of the presence of  bark and branches in the terrarium. These insects can not withstand lowering temperatures and uprise  of the mold,  therefore, we advise to monitor the temperature and sterilize the natural scenery and soil.

Terrarium size: 

   the area should be quite large so that the animal can leave its             colony for molting and stay alone for a couple of days until it gets       stronger.


   vegetable and fruit, birch- and oak leaves, dead wood, calcium,           protein (necessarily). The best protein supplement - gammarus.

   It always needs fresh food in terrarium.

Pseudoglomeris magnifica Shelford, 1907 

Synonyms: Corydidarum magnifica and Trichoblatta magnifica

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