Snails' Basic Diet

At each feeding, the pet’s food is sprinkled with ground sepia, make sure

the hard crumbs of the shell do not fall into the cooked sepia flour.

In 2016-2017

In 2018-2019

In 2019-2020

Sepia has sharp edges which can damage the growth of

a new shell or leave a scar. Polish the sharp and hard

edges of sepia well. When the snail eats the sepia flesh,

the hard and sharp edges of the cuttlefish shell again protrude.

At each feeding, the pet’s food is garnished with ground eggshell, and then sprinkled lightly with water. As usual calcium are sprinkled

on neutral vegetables; sometimes it can eat only calcium from them as from an edible "bowl". We advise not to change the natural smell

and taste of the fruits from the Additional vegetables and fruits list.

A couple of fresh pieces of sepia are laid with each feeding, the pieces

of sepia must be completely cleaned of hard shell and wiped.

Whole sepia piece is laid, the sharp and protruding edges of the shell are rub

out as sepia is eaten, need to be changed at the first sign of getting bad.

Remove getting bad sepia from the terrarium,

remember that on the bad food occur harmful

bacteria. Sepia spoilagedepends on the terrarium

life conditions and the pet's need for calcium.

Gammarus and protein mixture are sprinkled on food only as an supplement (limited amount, not often). Mind (!) do not overfeed

with protein and serve it not more than 1 time (max. 2 times) per week (and only in a small amount). As usual gammarus and grain

mix are sprinkled on neutral vegetables. We advise not to change the natural smell and taste of the fruits from the Additional

vegetables and fruits list.

A snail uses the foot-wings as a kind

of paws, holding food and pieces

of calcium, and also draw food to

the mouth when desire. 

The growth of a new shell needs to be protected from the jutting bowl edges.

There is a breathing hole under the shell of the snail, a water level in a bowl should not reach the pet's spiracles

and block access to oxygen. It should be taken into consideration when feeding the pet, as when eating juicy fruits

and vegetables juice is naturally released, which can partially fill the bowl (including cooked fruit and vegetable mush).

Gammarus is an animal protein and is a special kind of small dried shrimp.

Alternate animal and herbal supplements, offer the pet one week gammarus

and another week grain mix. Thus, you do not overfeed the pet and it will get

all the most necessary components for growth and development.

... and some other useful and nutritious ingredients of plant origin. 

Cereal mixtures are based on grains, seeds ...

Health cereal combos are mixtures tested over the years on different snail species at different ages

(recipes can be protected from copying).

... chop the chicken eggshell into powder. Chicken eggshells are harder than the snail’s

newborn shells, which they eat at once after hatching out. So not powdered chicken eggshell

can damage the organs of the pet.

... boil and ...

Peel well from the membrane ...

... and on the other side — soft and easy gnawing calcium.

Sepia piece is placed into the terrarium with the soft side up.

To build its shell there must be anytime access to calcium in the terrarium where the snail lives (obligatory in the terrarium, optional

for a transportation box). It is better to place calcium of various shapes and types: best solution is sepia in pieces and eggshell ground powder.

The snail’s "teeth" grind food like a rubbing board. But it does not mean that the pet is able to grind  everything. Only a high-quality mixer can

grind a hard shell of chicken eggs into powder.

Sepia is a shell of cuttlefish, on one side sepia has a hard shell that is not suitable for food ...

If your pet refuses food:

Snail needs protein for proper development and weight gaining.

But serve it to a pet in very limited quantities and not often.

High protein food is not the main food and is only used as

an dietary  supplement. Gammarus and cereal mixtures

are safe source of protein against other available foods.

sepia (cuttlefish shell), sepia in pieces, ground sepia,

chicken and quail ground eggshell.

Protein supplements (rarely and few):

Calcium should always be included into the Basic diet

for the snail’s shell growing.

Correct calcium supplements (anytime access in the pet’s terrarium):

The vegetables and fruits are recommended to be offered to the pet along with

neutral vegetables. Try alternate products from the list. A tidbit that a pet ate

with appetite yesterday may not be touched today and a couple other feedings.

Mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower,

asparagus, banana, apple (rarely), pear, mango, avocado,

grapes and some berries (rarely), apricot, peaches, cherries,

papaya, watermelon, melon, lettuce.

Varieties of zucchini, ripe varieties of pumpkin with tender flesh.

Less cucumbers (try for bitterness first), highly depends on variety.

Nutrient supplement of fruits and vegetables:

Daily snail diet should include at least one item with soft flesh,

no saturated or peculiar flavor. In case one fails with the food,

a pet will be full by this extra.

Neutral vegetables:

A snail's main organs of perception is touch and smell, so some vegetables and fruits may seem quite harsh to it.

Due to the flavor, saturated peculiar taste, acidity, astringency, etc. a pet may refuse to have them or eat once in a while.

Suitable are only fresh, ripe vegetables and fruits, not sour, but sweet varieties. Vegetables and fruits that require special

attention are listed in "Additional vegetables and fruits" and it is strongly recommended to offer them to a pet coupled

with more neutral vegetables available on the "Neutral Vegetables" list. 

The pet does not like the housing conditions and it can refuse food till the conditions in the terrarium become more suitable.

Once you face negative signs as walkoff deep into the shell, meal refuse, etc. needs pay more attention to the living conditions and a pet diet.


Useful and interesting information:

If a snail eats a product that most snail kippers distrust or it is opened to further question, it means it needs some  vitamins from the item, but not

the product itself, which probably may harm the pet immediately or over time. Try to meet snail’s needs from the Basic Diet list.

If your pet refuses food: it does not feel well because ate something out if the diet and its body is trying to cope with it; 





If the pet has not eaten one of the products during feeding, it can have it the next time he feels the need for it. Each individual has different taste

preferences, but basically it is food without a pronounced taste and smell – neutral.

If your pet refuses food: food is too flavour, sour or sweet; or the vegetable/fruit is not interesting to it at the moment;


Snails eat in proportion to their size and depending on the species (fast-growing species eat more, snail babies of slow-growing species can eat less).

If your pet refuses food: maybe it already ate before (more often at night) and can calmly digest food for a couple of days;

Drinking water

(just spray a terrarium every other day)

Protein supplements

(rarely and few)

All your pet needs:

... and a pet you gonna have:

For a lot of years our team has been successfully growing popular and rare species of snails (subspecies and all their colour variations):

Development, testing and description made by the MegaPets team, 2014-2022.

Sepia feeding method:

The way to serve the eggshell:

Protein & Vitamin supplements:

Calcium supplement - sepia (cuttlefish shell):

Calcium supplement - chicken and quail ground eggshell.:

The described list of vegetables and fruits is offered to the snails as the basic diet throughout the world and is not a matter of dispute.

If a product is not listed, it means its effect on a pet's health has not been studied much or may harm a snail.

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